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IRIS - Korean Drama

IRIS is a new Korean Drama aired by KBS2 starting from 14th October 2009 and ended at 17th Dec 2009. It's an action, mystery, thriller and romance drama. Pretty different from other Korean Drama which usually take a romance comedy genre.

The story of IRIS evolve around two good friends, Kim Hyun Joon and Jin Sa Woo selected from special forces to join the NSS (National Security Administration). Do not ask why the "Administration" came from "NSS". NSS is a group of charge of protecting South Korea from acts of terrorism and other assault. It's a secret organization that even the president himself did not know the existence of this group.

Kim Hyun Joon and Jin Sa Woo are two good friends under the leadership of a beautiful girl named Choi Seung Hee. Unfortunately they both fell in love with the girl. Then a mission makes the two good friend choose different path. How it goes? Who will end sweetly with Choi Seung Hee ? You better watch it for yourself.

I personally think IRIS is a very good action-packed Korean Drama. In Korea, the IRIS got a pretty high rating around 25.4 for the first episode and even got 39.9 for the last episode. It's a high budget drama because the shooting take place on several countries like Korea, Hungary, China, Japan, and USA. Here is the cast for IRIS and several picture of the drama.

IRIS Cast :

Lee Byung Hun as Kim Hyun Joon
Jung Joon Ho as Jin Sa Woo
Kim Tae Hee as Choi Seung Hee
Kim Seung Woo as Park Chul Young
T.O.P as Vick
Kim So Yun as Kim Sun Hwa
Yoo Min as Sato Eriko
Hyun Jyu Ni as Yang Mi Jung
Yoon Je Moon as Park Sang Hyung
Kim Young Chul as Baek San
Jung Han Yong as Jung Hyung Joon
Yoon Joo Sang as Oh Hyun Kyu
Lee Jung Gil as Jo Myung Ho
Kim Hye Jin as Yang Jung In
Na Yoon as Hwang Tae Sung
Myung Ji Yun as Hong Soo Jin
Miyama Karen as Yuki

IRIS Picture Gallery :




Kim Tae Hee Pictures :

Kim Tae Hee 2 Kim Tae Hee 1 Kim Tae Hee 3

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Britanny Murphy Die at 32, The Cause Still Under Investigation

Actress Brittany Murphy died on December 20, 2009. Autopsy mention the possibility that Ashton Kutcher's ex-girlfriend had died of an overdose. As reported, doctors who perform autopsy process take some of her brain cell. This is done to find the cause of death.

Toxicological investigation of neural done in order to determine the cause of death, and the results may take up to five or six weeks. Previously, Brittany was reported died of a heart attack. But now, Los Angeles police investigation focused on the possibility of an overdose of prescription drugs.

Brittany Murphy was born on 10 November 1977. She was allegedly addicted to Vicodin, a high dose of tranquilizers, The drug is taken since her plastic surgery. According to Brittany Murphy close friends, the wife of Simon Monjack also had eating disorders. Poor nutrition and excess consumption of drugs suspected to be the trigger for the heart attack that eventually led her to death. Her friends also revealed that Brittany is not possible to use narcotics because Brittany did not like the stuff.

Brittany Murphy name rocketed through films like "Clueless" and "8 Mile" Brittany's Mother found her lying in unconscious condition in a bathtub at her home in Los Angeles, before her husband, British screenwriter Simon Monjack, called emergency services. Family spokeswoman Sally Stewart said the actress was immediately taken Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Beverly Hills, where she was confirmed dead at 1 o'clock.: 04 local time. Angelo Bertoli, Brittany's father said, he heard the news of the death of his daughter to be a shocking and surprising news. "She's like a beautiful doll ever since she was born," he said as reported by AP, last weekend.
"She was a flexible person, loved everybody, including people who work with him. She's a talented actress and I love her very much," recalls Angelo.

Brtitany is a talented actress, she filled the voice for Luanne Platter in more than 200 episodes of animated television show "King Of The Hill". She won his first role in a 1991 TV show "Blossom", before roles in the same year in the "Drexell` s Class ". She also had a role in "Sister, Sister", "Party of Five", and "Boy Meets World".
Brittany Murphy's other notable films are Girl Interrupted, and Uptown Girls. Apart from acting, Brittany also enjoyed success in music, in collaboration with UK DJ Paul Oakenfold for the single "Faster Kill Pussycat", hit the number one position in the "dance charts".

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