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Jay Zhou Jie Lun (Jay Chou) 周杰伦

Here is some info about Jay Zhou Jie Lun (Jay Chou) 周杰伦 :
DOB : January 18, 1979
Birthplace : Taiwan
Hometown : Linkou
Family : Mom & Dad (divorced)
Pets : dog (lives with his grandma)
Musical Instruments : Piano, Cello, Guitar, Drums
Height : 173cm (about 5'7")
Weight : 60kg (132lbs)
Bloodtype : O
Education : Taipei Tan Jiang High School, graduated 1997
Clothing Style : Hooded sweatshirts, ball caps, cool jeans, sleeveless tees,
Musical Style : R&B, Rap, Ballad, Rock, PopRecording
Company : Alfa Music
Former manager : Jacky Wu
Favorite Sport : Basketball
Favorite Food : Mom's cooking, and Kentucky Fried Chicken
First Released Single : Hei Se You Mo (Black Humor)
Relationship status : Rumored to have dated Jolin Tsai for a while (never confirmed)Jay is currently dating news anchor Patty Hou. He confirmed the relationship Feb. 18, 2005. Rumors surfaced in mid 2006 of Chou-Hou relationship on the rocks, and Jay dating various other celebs including Hebe Tian of S.H.E.
Jay Zhou Jie Lun is a Taiwanese musician, singer, producer, actor and director who has won the World Music Award four times. He is well-known for composing all his own songs and songs for other singers. In 1998 he was discovered in a talent contest where he displayed his piano and song-writing skills. Over the next two years, he was hired to compose for popular Chinese singers. Although he was trained in classical music, Zhou combines Chinese and Western music styles to produce songs that fuse R&B, rock and pop genres, covering issues such as domestic violence, war, and urbanization.

Early Life
At the tender age of three, he started to learn piano under constant supervision from his mom, Jay practiced piano diligently and eventually developed a love for the instrument and music. He went on to master a number of other instruments, including guitar, cello, jazz drum as well as the Chinese Dizi.
Jay's parents divorced when he was 13. Already a quiet boy to begin with, Jay grew even more secluded. He became independent rather quickly and was absorbed in his own music world. Whenever any musical ideas came to mind, he would jot them down. It wasn't before long he started writing his own songs.
Basketball was his other love and he often played with friends. In terms of school, Jay was not very strong academically, but he did manage to complete high school.

Road to Fame
By an interesting twist of fate, a schoolmate of Jay's signed up for a singing contest and wanted him to accompany her on the piano. The performance at the contest was by no means stunning, but somehow the host of the show, Jacky Wu, took notice of the musical score that Jay was playing from. And from then on, in the momentous year of 1998, the little boy who grew up in Linkou entered the entertainment industry primarily as a songwriter. Jay spent hours and hours on end in the studio, dreaming up melodies, and it soon became his second home. That was how he spent his first years in the industry. The songs he wrote for other artists were rejected fairly often at that time. After all, who was Jay Zhou ? No one really knew much about him. But over time, his songs were accepted and they paved the way for Jay's eventual successful musical career.
After working behind-the-scenes for some time, Jacky Wu was impressed with what Jay has to offer not only as a songwriter, but as a singer as well. And so, on November 1, 2000, he made his debut with the self-titled album Jay . His soulful voice and infectious tunes were well-received by listeners and “Jay Zhou” soon became a household name. His unique musical style garnered him attention from fans and critics alike.

Music Career
Released on September 20, 2001, Jay's second musical effort Fantasy propelled him to stardom with numerous hits such as “Kai Bu Liao Kou”, “An Jing”, and “Shuang Jie Gun”, just to name a few. He earned many awards with this album, including five Golden Melody Awards . This was an astonishing feat by an artist who has just arrived on the scene for a short period of time. After the successes of his first two albums, Jay launched his first music concert series, known as the Fantasy Tour, showcasing his piano and cello skills in this concert, which was kept mainly within Asia .
After his first concert series, Jay released Eight Dimensions again wowing everyone with his sheer musical talent. After this album Jay went into his second tour again, this time known as The One concert tour, and this time, at a much larger scale as compared to the Fantasy tour. In The One concert, we have seen Jay grown as a live performer with his live singing skills, and even a few dance steps to make the entire concert successful.
In summer of 2003, Jay released his fourth studio album Ye Hui Mei , named after his mother, which show how much Jay treasures his mother. From that point onwards, it was clear that Jay had the plan of releasing one album annually. Jay fine-tunes each song to perfection and never fails to surprise and capture his audience with his innovative musical ideas. The growth from one album to the next has been evident to those who have traversed this journey of music with Jay.
His own unique Chinese R&B style is unparalleled by another and he continues to make breakthroughs as he takes risks in attempting new things. The way he intertwines Chinese and Western music makes his songs endearing to people both young and old. The fusion of the two cultures is not only fresh-sounding, but has also rarely been done by other musicians before. Together with his long time friend and lyricist Vincent Fang, Jay's compositions and Vincent's lyrics managed to reflect Jay's sensitivity to human emotions and the details of life. He manages to touch people's hearts with striking words as well as educate people's minds with important lessons.

Movie Career
After being in the entertainment industry for several years, Jay has started to branch off from music a bit and ventured into the realm of acting. An interesting thing to note is that a lot of his musical inspiration simply emerges from watching movies. You may have often found that his music gives very vibrant visual imagery and his music videos bring those images to life. It should come as no surprise that besides being a singer-songwriter, he has also dreamt of being a film director one day. In the movie “Hidden Track” (2003), Jay guest-starred as himself briefly and got a taste of what it is like to be part of a film. He also specially penned 2 songs for the movie released in the Hidden Track EP.
In summer 2004, Jay's much anticipated album Qi Li Xiang was released . Once again, he managed to turned heads of both the critics and fans. The production quality has been taken up a notch and his musical style has also matured significantly. Hence, it is not surprising that Jay has garnered more awards under his belt with this album. Jay also made it clear that he will continue to have at least one song on all his album with the Oriental style. With that album, Jay launched his next concert series known as the Incomparable to Jay concert series in that same year, which took Asia by storm, and even went as far as the United States in Los Angeles . The concert DVD and CD for his Taiwan Incomparable concert was released in early 2005.
Jay's first major movie role came in "Initial D" (2005) when he starred in the film directed by Andrew Lau and Alan Mak, the same duo that directed the Infernal Affairs trilogy. In the movie, Jay acts as the child prodigy, Takumi Fujiwara, a high school student in Japan with a tattered childhood. He plays along side other movie A-listers such as Anthony Wong, Edison Chen and Shawn Yue. Jay also composed two songs for the movie. The film has won numerous awards in Hong Kong, and more importantly, Jay won the award for Best Newcomer for his role in the movie during the 42nd Golden Horse Awards and also during the 25 th Hong Kong Film Awards . Jay was visibly delighted during the Golden Horse Awards when he accepted his award, in which he said in his acceptance speech, “I never thought that what I've not won in the Golden Melody Awards, I've got it back here” making reference to the Golden Melody Awards, which has been shutting him out from the Best Male Singer category year after year.
The movie has kept Jay very busy in most of the year, due to all the filming and promotional works for the movie. The movie also allowed Jay to break into the Japanese market, when he subsequently released his first compilation album called Initial J in Japan only, with the theme songs of the Initial D movie included in that album.
With Jay so busy with the movie, it is understandable that his album for 2005 was delayed by a few months, and was only released in November of 2005. The album was titled November's Chopin . The album was named it as such because of all the songs Jay used to practice on the piano when he was a child, it was Chopin's compositions left a deep-lasting impression on him. Also in this album, Jay openly made his disgust of the paparazzi known by personally writing and composing a song to ‘attack' the paparazzi by calling them dogs, the song is titled Si Mian Chu Ge, or “Besieged from All Sides”.
Jay also made another landmark in his 6 th album by directing his own music videos for some of the MVs of this album. At the same time, Jay began directing Music Videos for other artistes as well, most notably, Taiwanese group S.H.E.
In early 2006, Jay managed to work with his long time idol, Jet Li by composing the theme song and directing the MV for the movie, titled Fearless , the same title of the movie. This song was released in the Fearless EP , together with the music videos of all the songs off the November's Chopin album. Jay managed to get his next major movie role as the year went on. This time in a movie directed by the internationally acclaimed director Zhang Yimou, in the film “The City of Golden Armour ” (the official English title of the movie has not been announced). Jay received lots of praises from his co-stars Chow Yun Fat and Gong Li, as well as praises from Zhang Yimou himself. All of them were amazed with Jay's acting skills and his determination and drive when he works on the set. The movie is set to be released Christmas 2006, or early next year. Again, Jay composed the movie's ending theme song for the film.
With Jay being so busy pursuing acting, directing, and various endorsements, many fans worry that Jay may have given up on music. But Jay assured his fans that music will always be his first love and he had no intentions of letting it go. With that said, it has been confirmed that Jay will be the leading actor in the film "Slam Dunk" where Jay plays the role of a leading basketball star. The film is set to be released in March 2007. Fans hope he won't over exert himself in his many endeavors.

Discography :
November  7, 2000 Jay 周杰倫同名專輯專輯專輯
September 1, 2001 Fantasy 范特西
July 19, 2002 Eight Dimensions 八度空間
July 31, 2003 Ye Hui Mei 葉惠美
August 3, 2004 Common Jasmin Orange 七里香
November 1, 2005 November's Chopin 十一月的蕭邦
September 5, 2006 Still Fantasy 依然范特西
November 2, 2007 On the Run 我很忙
October 14, 2008 Capricorn 魔杰座

Hidden Track 尋找周杰倫 (2003) Cameo
Initial D 頭文字D (June 23, 2005) Lead actor (Takumi Fujiwara)
Curse of the Golden Flower 滿城盡帶黃金甲 (December 22, 2006) Supporting actor (Prince Jai - Yuan Jie)
Secret 不能說的秘密 (July 27, 2007) Director, lead actor and original story author (Jay - Ye Xiang Lun)
Kung Fu Dunk 功夫灌籃 (February 7, 2008) Lead actor (Fang Shi Jie - Fong Sai Kit)
True Legend 蘇乞兒 (2009) Supporting actor (Wu Chen)
Ci Ling (2010) Lead actor
Pandaman 熊猫人 (TV serial)(from March,2009 to unknown) Director,Supporting actor

Mp3 Download Link : You can find Jay Zhou Jie Lun Mp3 download here. All the mp3 listed here is for reviewing purpose only. Buy the original CD's and cassettes

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Chinese Artist Profile

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Jay Zhou Jie Lun (Jay Chou) 周杰伦
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Spyware Everywhere

As immensely enjoyable as it is to be online the price we pay has gone up, way up, for that pleasure. For the ease of information, instant gratification, for the all knowing personal shopper, researcher, translator and match maker, we figured the transmission of our email address or ip address was a small token to pay. But the small token has grown bigger. And it is a bit scary to me. The current name of that scary is Spyware! Recently I started having major problems with my computer. I would be online doing the usual things like checking email or reading the news, then links I click on would take a long time to load. Eventually my computer screen would get the slow and choppy disease. You know: the blue loading line is barely moving in the address bar, the page is totally white because it is in between links and the mouse isn’t moving and you pray it doesn’t crash. Then it just crashes. I would go through that cycle 10 times a day. I ran my disk repair program but it wasn’t a hardware problem. Then I realized that in the midst of all that transmitting and downloading, my computer may have been compromised by spyware. I thought about what was being done to my computer, what information had been compromised. I felt that something was sucking the life off my hard drive, had copied all my files and was monitoring my online movements. I finally found the removal program and ran it on my computer. There were numerous spyware detected and removed from my system and the problems stopped. I learned my lesson. I decided that ‘they’ was really ‘me’. I knew about spyware but didn'’t guard against it even though I was online a lot. I was aware of the risk and ignored it then but not now. I guard my information and I run my spyware detection and remover program frequently. You should too.

Due to its awareness, many people know about the dangers that exist from malicious software. Today alone, 80 percent of people have their computers infected and their information compromised by spyware. Only 5 percent of the 80 percent know they have the dangerous software installed on the their system. This is, without a doubt, troubling numbers. No wonder people are seeking solutions against the spyware by using anti-spyware tools.There are two ways to stop spyware from doing significant harm and damage to your computer: prevention and solution.

  • Prevention : Remember that the best way to keep spyware out is to keep an anti-spyware installed on your computer. This can be done several ways. Some of the anti-spyware software can scan through every bit of data that enters your computer. It then checks the data against the known spyware database. Due to this database, if a spyware that is on the list tries to invade your computer, it is prevented from doing so. This is only effective so long as the database is kept current. Another way anti-spyware helps to prevent spyware from getting installed is to limit certain program's activities that are known to distribute spyware. One such known program is Active X. What is Active X you ask? It is a technological tool that allows content to get sent from the web to a person's computer. When an anti-spyware software limits the program capabilities, it lessens the chance that any spyware will be installed onto your computer.
  • Solution : For some reason, if any spyware does exist on your system, the anti-spyware tool will run a scan of your entire hard drive and system and get rid of them. A regular scanning should be done...typically on a daily basis. The program, once it is has found the culprit, will delete it to be sure no traces remain of the program to cause harm to your computer. Typically, most programmers found this way to incorporate the anti-spyware software easier than if preventive measures were taken. Creators of spyware know that certain programs cannot run without the daily operations of the computer. They introduce spyware into these computers, knowing this loophole. For example: Many websites use Flash to make web surfing entertaining. Creators want to use Flash to infect your system with spyware. To keep the system running smoothly on the website, Flash is an integrate part of web entertainment. Yet, users know they cannot uninstall Flash without causing hiccups. Here, anti-spyware companies are faced with big odds to get rid of spyware but keep the person's computer running smoothly and without major issues. Alternatives to Anti-Spyware Software while these next spyware anti-spyware solutions are not always viable, they can rather prove impractical. First off, a person can limit their computer from contacting others by limiting their time on the Internet. This may not work because people have become very dependent on the Internet for many of his needs. Try to rid the Spyware yourself. In doing this, it could cause irreparable harm and is not a wise idea. Never mess with spyware on your own. Using an anti-spyware against spyware is the ideal thing you can do to decipher your computer problems.

There are many free spyware erasers available on the internet, to get them easily, just go online and search for them in any of the search egines. Once this is done a list of all the anti-spyware companies that offer free spyware removing software programs will appear and you can choose the one that suits you most. We have the Spybot Search and Destroy, it is an excellent spyware remover that immediately combats all available spyware in the computer, it will search through the whole system to locate the spyware no matter where it is hiding. Once the spyware is found, the SpyBot software eliminates it at once without any kind of difficulty at all. It is a free Spyware remover. Another one is the Spyware Blaster, this offers a complete protection from all spyware and adware in the computer. It operates by eliminating any existing spyware from the system and blocking the system so that no spyware can gain entrance again. Microsoft also offers a free spyware remover that is very active when it comes to attacking the spyware in the system. It will do the job perfectly, leaving your computer perfectly whole and protected from any futuristic attack. You should know that, when searching for a spyware remover, make sure you pick the one that has firewalls as a protection. The firewall bulids a wall around your computer even when you are browsing, this hinders the spyware from getting into your system again.

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Tips for Choosing Tires for Your Motorcycles

Motorcycles tires have functions that are important because your safety and comfort in the driving condition is determined mainly by motorcycle tires. Therefore I'll give you following tips for choosing the right motorcycle tires :

  1. Choose the size or width of motorcycle tires that fits your needs. Using tires with a wide but small size can cause less friction with the road. This will make the energy of a motorcycle does not run out because of the friction against each road. But this can make a motorcycle have a greater risk to slip or skid. Instead bigger size of a motorcycle tire width will tend to be more stable, although many of the energy is lost because the friction of the tire with the road.
  2. Note the type of tire. This is done for your safety while driving. There are two options for the type of tire, the dry and wet tire. If weather conditions are raining or often rains You can choose to use wet tires. Using dry tires while raining will make the tire perform less than its maximum performance. Conversely, if you use wet tires when the road condition is dry is not a good option too. Hal ini dikarenakan bidang ban yang menapak ke jalanan lebih kecil karena banyak alur untuk “membuang”air. This is because the tire have smaller fraction that have contact with the road, because there are many small "flows" to "remove" the water. However, the use of wet tires during dry road conditions is far more secure than the use of dry tires when it rains.
  3. A Good motorcycle tire is a tire that is not easily worn out. For security reason, the "worn out" level of your motorcycles tire should be monitored carefully. Using worn out tires will cause the motorcycle to lose balance when riding in slippery roads. Agar ban tetap awet pilihlah jalur berkendara yang kondisinya baik (tidak berlubang, terjal atau licin). To maintain your tire durability, choose routes that have good roads condition (not hollow, steep or slippery).

That's a few tips from me. Hope it helps you guys. And if you are a peson that love to travel along with your family, you can also read my post about travelling with family tips. Thank you.

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Dating Tips and Idea during Holidays

I think everyone loves dating. For most of us, the holiday period means more time off to spend with friends, family and other loved ones. Under the latter category falls everything from your significant other to the cutie you see at the bus stop every morning. Take the opportunity this holiday to spend some quality seasonal time with your romantic interest. Not only is more time available, it's a special time of year, charged with excitement and mystery, perfect for a romantic adventure.

Because the season is so special and unique, there are all sorts of date options available that you normally don't have during the rest of the year. Take the time to check out the following Holiday Dating tips and idea:

  1. Idea : Skating. Skating is a traditional winter past time, and is perfect for budding romance. Tips : There are plenty of opportunities to dazzle your date with your moves, or fall accidentally into your date's arms.
  2. Idea : Skiing. Skiing, like skating, is a traditional winter past time.
    Tips : Make use of the ski lift. Unlike skating, it offers the added intimacy and coziness of the ski lift, perfect for cuddling.
  3. Idea : Build a Gingerbread House. Studies show that couples who cook together stay together!
    Tips : This delicious activity is a fun and more intimate way to spend the evening together. Not a baker ? Worry not, pre-made and ready-to-go gingerbread houses are now widely available.
  4. Idea : Charity Event. There's nothing like doing good deeds for others to get your Christmas buzz going. Sharing quality activities is a great way to really get to know each other in a good light.
    Tips : Conversation is important here. I lose interest in people that fail to stimulate me either do to a small vernacular or any substance to that lexicon as well. Sometimes, conversations are short and sweet, but it's really really nice when you can share more.
  5. Idea : Tree decorating. You have to decorate your tree each year anyhow, you might as well make it a romantic affair!
    Tips : Invite your date over to help decorate your tree, and regale each other in tales of ornaments and holidays past.
  6. Idea : Seasonal Parties. This is the best time of year for specialty parties and events.
    Tips : Why not try going to see a Christmas choir? Or try a holiday speed dating and singles events?
There are all sorts of options during the holidays. Hope it helps to bring you the most romantic holiday ever.

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Anti Virus (Software)

What is anti virus software? and what doest it really do? Anti-virus software is like penicillin for your computer. An anti virus is software installed or loaded on your computer that identifies harmful viruses and attempts to remove them from your computer before the viruses cause damage.

Antivirus software is more sophisticated than ever before and uses many different tactics to keep your computer virus free and running smoothly. Typically, these antivirus programs scan your computer and check for known viruses. The programs use up to date technology to detect any virus that may be lurking in your computer and then find the most effective way to get rid of the virus. Most antivirus software programs on the market alter your computer so that the antivirus software loads first and checks immediately for any viruses that your computer may have been infected with. The software also searches your computer for any suspicious activities from any other computer programs that might be infected with a virus, and in turn, could infect your computer. When the antivirus software has finished its analysis, it will typically show you a result of its findings and whether it has detected a virus.

One way antivirus software works is by utilizing signature detection. Signature detection works if the virus database is up-to-date and contains the signature of a virus. Anti-virus programs also identify suspicious behaviour on your computer. An example of this would include an application attempting to write to an executable file, suspicious attempts at registry entrees, or adding to the list of items that automatically start when your computer is turned on. Signature detection helps protect your computer from unidentified or encrypted viruses. It also alerts you to suspicious behaviour that may be happening on your computer.

No matter what type of anti-virus software you decide to use, it is important that you are familiar with it so you can determine just how protected you are. Always check for updates every month or so, because there are new viruses showing up every day. If your anti-virus software is not updated regularly, your computer is in danger of being infected.
Several Tips from me to prevent viruses from infecting your computer :
  1. Install the latest Anti Virus Software
  2. Turn on Automatic Update so that your anti Virus can get the latest virus data.
  3. Turn on firewall
  4. Be Carefull when downloading a file or opening an e-mail containing attachments. Make sure they're 100 % clean.
  5. Do virus scan immediately after you olug any storage device to your computer.

Hope this little information can you guys a better understanding of what anti virus software is and protect your computer better from viruses. See You in the next article

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Article Source : Article Street

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Tukar Link Khusus Member Technorati

Technorati anda sepi? Autority + rankingnya lemot nggak naik-naik? Saya punya cara baru dengan mengadopsi cara2nya om viral, yaitu tukeran link antar member Technorati dg metode viral, jelasnya baca sampai selesai kebawah ... terimakasih atas perhatiannya

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  • Mohon teman2 bersabar nunggu link-nya saya add, karena saya tidak bisa online tiap hari. Tapi pasti akan saya link balik. Terimakasih

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Tips in Investing

Talking about money and investment, there's a lot of option for you to choose. The most common one is investing in bonds and stocks. Beside that, property is one of most enjoyable choice.
What's the different between savings and invesments? The main difference between savings and investments is in it's timeline. Savings usually for a short term purpose and can be withdrawn at any time you like. But investment is for long term effect and have the purpose to increase or double your asset.
In order to make our investment success, there are several tips for you to be considered before you make the decision. The tips are :

  1. Make sure you know the purpose of the investment.
    This is the basic thing and will determine what type of investments you'll choose and for how long.
  2. Learn and get deep understanding about how the investment works.
    Don't just follow your instinct if you dont fully understand yet. Don't be easily manipulated by high return. Remember, what gives high return usually have a high risk too. (High Risk High Return).
  3. Risk profile management.
    For bond and stocks, usually there are financial reports and what the prospects are is given aerlier so you can learn about it first. Don't hesitate to ask your financial advisor about the risk if you take the investment. Savings in banks usually have a very little risk unless the bank is collapsing, and for Indonesia, all the savings is guaranteed by the goverment through LPS with certain terms and condition.
  4. Don't be greedy.
    Many people want to get more after he get what he expected to get from the investment. Don't manipulated by greed so you make a decision that you'll regret it later. Focus on the target you've already set earlier and if you wish, make a new target with toughtfull consideration.
That's the tips from me, hope it will be usefull for considering the right investment for you.

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LIst PTC Terpercaya (List of Trusted PTC)

Berikut ini adalah list PTC yang saya rekomendasikan untuk diikuti :

  • Neobux : standard member = $0,01 per click, $0,005 per refferal click. Jumlah iklan 4-5. Salah satu PTC terlama yang sangat terpercaya. Telah terbukti melakukan pembayaran pada banyak membernya. Pembayaran dilakukan secara instan.

  • IsabelMarco MoneyMaker : standar member = $0,01 per click, $0,007 per refferal click. Jumlah iklan 80++. Salah satu PTC yang menyediakan iklan yang sangat banyak. Pembayaran dalam waktu 1 minggu.

  • Performance Bux: standar member = $0,01 per click, $0,005 per refferal click. Jumlah iklan 5-8. Pembayaran secara instan.

Untuk mengetahui apa itu PTC dan tips2 memilih PTC dapat dilihat pada postingan saya sebelumnya :

PTC Sumber Uang dari Internet

Tips Memburu Dollar Lewat PTC

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