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Course Hero - The Best Social Learning Network

What is Course Hero ? Course Hero is an open coursework website for college students. But this website is really different from other coursework website. Course Hero is an innovation for students to shared resources. It’s more like social learning network with all the members can share and view academic resources online. Members of Course Hero can share and view academic resources online with products and services for undergraduate and graduate students. So basically this was built by students to help students

Why would we need this Course Hero thing ? Well, as a student, you want the best grade possible and at times need a 24/7 resource that’s responsive to your needs right? Course Hero provide it all. For example, if you looking for material in economics, there's Econ Lecture Note or Econ Homework Solution available at Course Hero. Here we will find many materials written by people who are competent and dedicated. So all your academics problem can be solved here.

One that I really like from this Course Hero is that this site is connected with facebook. I think almost every students nowadays use facebook as their social networking tools. Just one click and your facebook account will be connected to Course Hero, so it's very easy for students to get all the materials needed.

So what are you waiting for ? Simply sign up now and join with over 300,000 fellow students, get access to over 200,000 textbook solutions and be a part of the greatest social learning network ever. With Course Hero, your study will become more easy, interesting, and fun.


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