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Wang Lee Hom (王力宏)

Chinese Name : 王力宏
English Name : Lee Hom Wang
Christian Name : Alexander
Japanese Name : Ou Riki Hiroshi
Birthday : May 17, 1976
Ethnicity : Taiwanese
Nationality : American
Astrological Sign : Taurus
Zodiac : Dragon
Height : 6'2"
Weight : 150lb
Birthplace : Rochester, New York
Blood Type : O
Family : Parents, Older Brother Leo (+3 yrs), Younger Brother Lee Kai (-9 yrs)
Elementary School : Pittsford Elementary School – Pittsford, New York
High School : Sutherland High School – Pittsford, New York
Undergraduate : Williams College – Williamstown, Massachusetts
Graduate School : Berklee School of Music – Boston, Massachusetts
Languages : English, Manderin, Cantonese, French
Instruments : Violin, piano, guitar, drums, vibraphone, accordion
Favourite Colour : Blue
Favourite Foods : Peking duck, pizza, Japanese cuisine, grapefruit juice
Favourite Artists : Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Prince, George Michael, Sting
Favourite Sport : Baseball
Favourite Subject : Jazz piano
Favourite Pet : Dog
Favourite Attire : T-shirt and jeans
Email :
Mailing Address : P.O. Box 20083, Rochester, NY 14602, USA

Early Life
Alexander Lee-Hom Wang was born in Rochester, New York, the second among 3 sons. At the age of six, Wang began to take violin lessons. He attended Jefferson Road Elementary School, Pittsford Middle School, then Pittsford Sutherland High School in the town of Pittsford. Wang graduated from Pittsford Sutherland with high honors.

Wang chose to attend Williams College, where he graduated with honors, double majoring in music and Asian Studies.W hile in college he sang with the Springstreeters, an all-male a cappella group. He continued his studies by attending Berklee College of Music's Professional Music program, with voice as his principal instrument.

Music Career
In 1995, he was signed to a professional recording contract while visiting his grandparents in Taiwan. Since then, Wang has become one of the new songwriters and musicians revolutionizing the Chinese-language music industry. He is active in all areas of music production, from composing to producing, to music arrangement, to lyric writing, to directing his own music videos.

Although he did not begin learning Mandarin until he was 18, Wang is now fluent in the language (including reading and writing) and has written most of the lyrics for his songs. Wang plays over 10 musical instruments. In his albums and live concerts, Wang can be heard playing piano, drums, guitar, bass, violin, vibraphone, erhu, xun, and more.
A classically trained music background enables Wang to pull from a variety of musical styles and continuously reinvent his own sound that is distinctly Chinese and western at the same time. For example, his 2005 release, Shangri-La drew heavily from R&B, dance pop, and the musics of Chinese ethnic minorities from Tibet, Mongolia, and Yunnan.
Having established himself as one of the most important, influential, and prolific artists in Chinese music, never repeating himself, Wang continued to invent and experiment with new sounds and voices.

His ninth album, Unbelievable marked a milestone in his career. Not only did the album heavily stress mainstream R&B and Hip Hop, it also sold more than 1.3 million copies in Asia and won him Best Producer of the Year again for the 15th Golden Melody Awards in 2004. The lead single of the album, "You're Not Here" (Chinese: 你不在; pinyin: nǐ bù zài) was ranked #1 in several music charts and stayed there for well over 10 weeks. Before the release of Unbelievable, Wang began his first world concert tour titled "Unbelievable". The concert tour received rave reviews from fans and critiques in all regions in Asia.

In his tenth album Shangri-La, released on the last day of 2004, Wang incorporated the often unheard music of Chinese aboriginal music into mainstream hip hop and coined this style "chinked-out". He experimented with the tribal sounds of China, Tibet, and Mongolia, traveled to remote villages, carrying 15 kg of equipment while fighting bouts of altitude and food sickness. Despite the derogatory nature of the term "chink," Wang had wanted to repossess the term and "make it cool." Within ten days of its release, Shangri-La sold past an outstanding 40,000 copies, an excellent start as the first album to be sold in Taiwan of 2005. Within a month, the album sold over 300,000 copies.

Continuing the "chinked-out spirit" by infusing elements of Beijing opera and Kunqu into the songs, Heroes of Earth was released on December 30, 2005. Heroes of Earth was his eleventh album. He collaborated with American rapper Jin and Korean artists Rain and Lim Jeong Hee and again won himself Best Male Vocalist in the 17th Golden Melody Awards in 2006. Heroes of Earth impressively broke the record of selling more than 1 million copies ten days after its release. The album stayed at first place in the G-Music Charts for 6 weeks. Ultimately, the album stayed in the charts for a total of 23 weeks and became third for the most sold album in Taiwan of 2006.

2007: Change Me
In the summer of 2007, Wang released his much anticipated 12th album, Change Me. The album was released on Friday, July 13, disregarding the superstition generally attached to Friday the 13th. Through this album, Leehom promotes the issue of global warming and social awareness. The packaging of the CD uses recycled paper and contains no plastic. Wang believes that little changes in each person can affect the world. The CD also came with a pair of reusable metal chopsticks in a pouch. This is also to promote environmental awareness.

Wang's first promotional single album for the new album, "Falling Leaf Returns to Roots" (traditional Chinese: 落葉歸根; pinyin: luòyè guī gēn) gave its world premiere at Hito Radio on June 20, 2007. The music style is very different from Wang's previous singles. Wang had said that the inspiration behind the song was due to the influence of his portrayal of Kuang Yumin in the film Lust, Caution.The song accompanies melodic violin and piano solos. In addition, Leehom collaborated with Selina Ren, a member of the famous Taiwan girl group S.H.E in "You're a song in my heart" (Chinese: 你是我心内的一首歌; pinyin: nǐ shì wǒ xīn nèi de yī shǒu gē). For this song, Wang sings a few lines in Taiwanese, which was a bit of a challenge for him because of he is not fluent in Taiwanese. Wang learned some Taiwanese in order to help deal with this challenge

In August 2008, Wang sought US$320,000 in damages for plagiarism by Pritam, an Indian composer. The lead song for the movie Race, composed by Pritam, was allegedly copied from "Deep Within the Bamboo Grove" (traditional Chinese: 竹林深處; pinyin: zhú lín shēnchù).
Wang was announced as conductor of the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra's 2008 annual grand finale for four concerts over three days. He was the first Asian pop musician ever to conduct the orchestra.

2008: Heart Beat
In December 2008, Wang released the album Heart Beat (traditional Chinese: 心.跳; pinyin: xīn tìao). This album includes a track with Jane Zhang, a Mandarin artist who is high on the list of collaboration partners for male artists. He demonstrates a new style with the album's main focus going on the electric guitar, as he uses it for the majority of his tracks, and the album in general focuses more on the rock genre than his previous albums.

Acting Career
Lee Hom made his acting debut in 2000 with “China Strike Force”, starring alongside Hong Kong star Aaron Kwok and Japanese actress Norika Fujiwara. Lee Hom took the leading role in “The Avenging Fist” the following year. Both movies had achieved decent box office success, but LeeHom’s acting was not highly rated.
LeeHom starred in another 2 Japanese movies, “Moon Child” (2002) and “Starlit High Noon” (2005) before surprisingly landed a role in “Lust, Caution”, directed by Oscar winning director Ang Lee; the film was released in September 2007).


  • 2007 Lust, Caution (Chinese: 色,戒; pinyin: Sè, Jiè)
  • 2005 Starlit High Noon (真昼ノ星空)
  • 2003 Moon Child (月光游俠)
  • 2001 The Avenging Fist (拳神)
  • 2000 Ashes to Ashes: Against Smoking (煙飛煙滅)
  • 2000 China Strike Force (雷霆戰警)
  • 1999 The Iron Giant (鐵巨人)


  • Heart Beat
    Sony BMG Music Entertainment (Taiwan) Ltd.
    Released on: December, 2008
  • Change Me
    Sony BMG Music Entertainment (Taiwan) Ltd.
    Released on: July 13, 2007
  • Heroes of Earth
    Sony BMG Music Entertainment (Taiwan) Ltd.
    Released on: December 30, 2005
  • Shangri-La
    Sony Music Entertainment Taiwan Ltd.
    Released on: December 31, 2004
  • Unbelievable
    Sony Music Entertainment Taiwan Ltd.
    Released on: October 15, 2003
  • The One and Only
    Sony Music Entertainment Taiwan Ltd.
    Released on: September 27, 2001
  • Forever's First Day
    Sony Music Entertainment Taiwan Ltd.
    Released on: June 8, 2000
  • Impossible to Miss You
    Sony Music Entertainment Taiwan Ltd.
    Released on: June 9, 1999
  • Revolution
    Sony Music Entertainment Taiwan Ltd.
    Released on: August 26, 1998
  • White Paper
    Decca Records Taiwan Ltd.
    Released on: July 18, 1997
  • Missing You
    Decca Records Taiwan Ltd.
    Released on: December 17, 1996
  • If You Hear My Song
    Decca Records Taiwan Ltd.
    Released on: August 1996
  • Love Rival Beethoven
    BMG Music Taiwan Ltd.
    Released on: December 1995
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You can find Lee Hom's Mp3 here, but remember, all the mp3 listed here is for reviewing purpose only. Buy the original cassettes and CD's.


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