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Maria Ozawa a.k.a Miyabi Photo Gallery Uncensored

Maria Ozawa a.k.a Miyabi is a Japanese AV artist which was born in January 8th, 1986. Her mother is Japanese and her father is French-Canadian, which gives her a look that has been described as "a perfect balance of Japanese beauty mixed with a dash of exoticism". Since she attended an international school from Primary School to High School, she claims that her English reading and writing ability is better than her Japanese. While at school, she played hockey every day, and often went to karaoke after class. Ozawa had her first sexual experience at the age of 13, and learned the "48 sexual positions" through a book that she bought herself.

Here is Maria Ozawa's Photo Gallery Uncensored... (cause there's nothing to be censored :p). If you want to know more about Maria Ozawa a.k.a Miyabi's profile, you can go here. Enjoy !! (Click on the image to see Maria Ozawa's picture in full size)

Maria Ozawa 2 Maria Ozawa 6 Maria Ozawa 16
Maria Ozawa 1 Maria Ozawa 3 Maria Ozawa 5
Maria Ozawa 9 Maria Ozawa 10 Maria Ozawa 14
Maria Ozawa 13 Maria Ozawa 12 Maria Ozawa 15
Maria Ozawa 18 Maria Ozawa 17 Maria Ozawa 21
Maria Ozawa 19 Maria Ozawa 20 Maria Ozawa 22
Maria Ozawa 23 Maria Ozawa 11 Maria Ozawa 4
Maria Ozawa 8 Maria Ozawa 7

Click on the image to enlarge the picture !!


Yanuar Catur said...

memang artis satu ini
sering nongol di kompinya anak-anak kos

OnnieBOX said...

miyabi sayang banget ya??/

dee-Q said...

Wuiiiss..ane dah punya pilem Miyabi yg uncensored nya sob...

Skarang ane lage nyari2 tentang Leah Dizon..ada gak sob..?

Nice post lah poko'e..!!

wawanwae said...

mo ke toilet dulu gan...! :D

kuryt said...

uh cuman gituan,,nih gua punya yang lebih hot...penget lihat kunjungi
dijamin puas bangets

Facechan said...

Woww bgt....

sayang dah mati Ntuh Ozawa...

Ice Berg said...

Watch Maria Ozawa on bang bus ride

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