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Best Games at NFL Sunday Ticket

Do you like American Football ? cause I like it very much. Beside soccer and basketball, american football is my thrid favorite sport to watch. Last season had lots of good games and all very entertaning to watch. For those who doesn't know american football, especially NFL (National Football League), lets take a brief introduction to the games.

NFL is the largest professional American football league in the world. NFL was started with 11 teams in 1920, league name changed to NFL in 1922. Currently, the league consists of 32 teams and divided into 2 conferences, National Football Conference (NFC), and American Football Conference (AFC). Each conference divided into 4 divisions which have 4 teams in each division. The seasons officially start in September, but there are exhibition season usually held in August. The regular season consist of 16 game in 17 week from September to December. After that 12 team compete in playoff which known as Superbowl.

For those who love watching NFL on TV, the best program I suggest is NFL Sunday Ticket. The good thing from this program is that it broadcasts NFL regular season games unavailable on local affiliates. NFL Sunday Ticket is available in the United States exclusively on DirecTV. I think NFL Sunday Ticket price is good considering the best games you will see. If you want to know about the NFL Sunday Ticket Schedule, you can go to NFL Sunday Ticket official website. I suggest you start subscribe to DirectTV now if you don't want to miss the new season with new games and new excitement.


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