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Leah Dizon (リアディゾン), Sexy Singer from Japan

Birth name : Leah Donna Dizon
Born : September 24, 1986
Birthplace : Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Genre : J-pop
Occupation : Model, singer
Years active : 2006–present
Label : Victor Entertainment

Leah Dizon or Leah Donna Dizon (リアディゾン, Ria Dizon) was born at 24 September 1986. Leah Dizon is a Japanese singer and model. Mixed-blood French-Chinese-Filipino, and was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. Leah Dizon started singing in America, but not too famous so that she decided to move to Japan. Apparently Leah was more famous in Japan. Leah Dizon often posed as a model with a bikini or sexy dress. Leah Dizon recently announced that she was married and pregnant and cause her to stop singing, but Leah Dizon promised to her fan to return singing in the near after.

Film and TV Shows :

* Traffic in the Sky as Liane (2007)
* Webtama as a co-host (2007)
* Sakigake Ongaku Banzuke Vegas as host (2007)
* J-melo as host (2007)

Discography :

* Album :

1. Destiny Line, 1st Album, Released: September 12, 2007
2. Communication!!!, Released: August 20, 2008

* Singles :

1. Fever (Kylie Minogue cover song), Released: October 5, 2006
2. Softly, Debut (1st single), Released: February 14, 2007, From Album: Destiny Line
3. Koi Shiyō♪ (恋しよう♪), 2nd single, Released: May 30, 2007, From Album: Destiny Line
4. L・O・V・E U, 3rd single, Released: August 8, 2007, From Album: Destiny Line
5. Love Paradox ,4th single, Released: March 26, 2008, From Album: Communication!!!
6. Vanilla, 5th single, Released: June 25, 2008, From Album: Communication!!!

* Photo Books :

1. Petite Amie
2. Hello! Leah
3. Heaven and Pure Leah.

Below is some Leah Dizon sexy and hot pictures, but if you looking for Leah Dizon nude pictures, topless pictures and other porn photo, I will not provide it here :p. Hope you like it

Leah Dizon 8 Leah Dizon 7 Leah Dizon 6

Leah Dizon 5 Leah Dizon 4 Leah Dizon 2

Leah Dizon Sexy 1 Leah Dizon Sexy 4 Leah Dizon Sexy 7

Leah Dizon Sexy 5 Leah Dizon Sexy 8 Leah Dizon 1

Leah Dizon Sexy 11 Leah Dizon Sexy 10

Leah Dizon Sexy 9 Leah Dizon Sexy 6 Leah Dizon Sexy 12

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