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Tips for Choosing Tires for Your Motorcycles

Motorcycles tires have functions that are important because your safety and comfort in the driving condition is determined mainly by motorcycle tires. Therefore I'll give you following tips for choosing the right motorcycle tires :

  1. Choose the size or width of motorcycle tires that fits your needs. Using tires with a wide but small size can cause less friction with the road. This will make the energy of a motorcycle does not run out because of the friction against each road. But this can make a motorcycle have a greater risk to slip or skid. Instead bigger size of a motorcycle tire width will tend to be more stable, although many of the energy is lost because the friction of the tire with the road.
  2. Note the type of tire. This is done for your safety while driving. There are two options for the type of tire, the dry and wet tire. If weather conditions are raining or often rains You can choose to use wet tires. Using dry tires while raining will make the tire perform less than its maximum performance. Conversely, if you use wet tires when the road condition is dry is not a good option too. Hal ini dikarenakan bidang ban yang menapak ke jalanan lebih kecil karena banyak alur untuk “membuang”air. This is because the tire have smaller fraction that have contact with the road, because there are many small "flows" to "remove" the water. However, the use of wet tires during dry road conditions is far more secure than the use of dry tires when it rains.
  3. A Good motorcycle tire is a tire that is not easily worn out. For security reason, the "worn out" level of your motorcycles tire should be monitored carefully. Using worn out tires will cause the motorcycle to lose balance when riding in slippery roads. Agar ban tetap awet pilihlah jalur berkendara yang kondisinya baik (tidak berlubang, terjal atau licin). To maintain your tire durability, choose routes that have good roads condition (not hollow, steep or slippery).

That's a few tips from me. Hope it helps you guys. And if you are a peson that love to travel along with your family, you can also read my post about travelling with family tips. Thank you.


anto84 said...

waduh pertama neh...assalamalaikum

ragil bego nih said...

sungguh saya ga ngerti bahasa inggrisnya :D tapi bahasa indonya saya ngerti dan saya memutuskan = mantab tipsnya :D

Seti@wan dirgantara said...

Apa kabar anda sore ini sobat,....

Moel said...

@ragil wkwkkw, terjemahannya memang agak kacau :p soalnya inggris saya kurang bagus...
@setiawan baik sobat, anda sendiri.....

Training NLP said...

Salam kenal, artikel yang baguz... Silahkan mampir di Pelatihan NLP kami

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